About the National Academy

The National Academy is a training institute with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Finance, Audit and Economics. All Dutch ministries make use of the range of academic courses offered by the National Academy. For several years, we have offered English language study visits especially for countries that have acceded or are about to accede to the European Union.
The National Academy forms part of the Budget Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Finance. Its main clients (Internal Budget Directorate (FEZ) and Internal Audit Directorate (AD) of the line ministries) are represented in the Client Council of the National Academy. The courses offered by the National Academy for Finance and Economics are up-to-date and practice-oriented. Nearly all course lecturers work for the national government. They are familiar with the course material on the basis of their own daily work.
Over the past few years, the Dutch Ministry of Finance has received a growing number of requests to assist Ministries of Finances in other countries with the introduction and implementation of reforms in public finances. In light of the international recognition of the Dutch public finance system as “best practice” (OECD, 2001) and taking into accounta clear Dutch interest, the Dutch Ministry of Finance is favourably disposed towards such requests. The National Academy operates on a purely government-to-government basis and only as far as our capacity allows.

By providing technical assistance, we are able to contribute to the development of the financial function at foreign ministries of Finance. In recent years, we have provided various countries with technical assistance in respect of:

  1. analysing laws and by-laws including the associated organisational issues;
  2. organising study visits;
  3. providing training programmes and courses in different disciplines;
  4. setting up a training institute, and
  5. providing other forms of assistance in change processes.
Special assignments (example)
With effect from 2004, the Dutch Ministry of Finance has been lending support to colleagues at the Turkish Ministry of Finance. This two-year project means that we provide technical assistance in improving the budget preparation process in Turkey. Following a number of exploratory missions, a programme of activities has been set up. Study visits to The Hague and training programmes in Ankara given by Dutch experts form part of this programme. In addition, a comparative analysis of legislation carried out in both countries in the field of public finances has now nearly been completed. Examples of topics covered by these activities are: the functioning and implementation of a multi year fiscal framework, the design of the budget process in terms of tasks, responsibilities and competences of the various actors, information and informationsystems related tothe budget process and so on. Without exception, all the meetings with our Turkish colleagues have resulted in mutual valuable learning experiences and this is expected to continue.
Technical assistance
All forms of assistance are imaginable, ranging from short study visits to projects lasting 2 years.

These activities are financed using resources of the World Bank, the IMF, EU-facilities (Twinning, Phare, TACIS) or national resources (Matra, PSO, short PSO).

If you have any questions about our technical assistance, please send an e-mail to Rijksacademie@minfin.nl or call us at 0031-70-342 4933 / 7811


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